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mandag 6. februar 2012

Norwegian book project on student retention ---------– Need your input

More about Harald Åge Sæthre in english here:

Sunday, February 19, 2012 <> 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Room 205 Focused Dialogue
Student’s attrition is becoming a more and more important issue in Norway and in Europe. Employees in different universities meet and share some schemes, and we have access to all the research done in USA, but none have made this knowledge available in Norwegian based on Norwegian conditions. 
The plan is now to write a practical oriented book in Norwegian on how we can support students better to get better retention. It will mainly try to reach administrative leaders, faculty in certain positions and other personnel working in student and academic affairs in our universities and colleges.

By presenting the big lines of the book and how I understand specific challenges connected to student’s attrition, I hope to get feedback from colleagues in the US that I know is especially competent and experienced.  The book will be based around my interpretation of the longitudinal model of institutional departure (Tinto), and it would be very useful to get a reaction on how I understand and how I want to communicate the model.

This roundtable discussion will be different from the normal setting since I will need to use some time presenting the book and the discussion must focus on the book.

-    Learn about higher education in Norway and their retention challenges
-    Learn more about others interpretation of Tinto’s “longitudinal model of institutional departure”
-    Learn more about a systematic way of working with the retention issue

Me:  Harald Åge Sæthre and I work in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Bergen, Norway. I have earlier participated in some of the international FYE conferences in Europe.

More about me here:

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